A Berlin-based periodical for writers, artists, photographers, musicians, magicians, vampires and general flâneurs.


Living in the now got you down? Let the faceless claws of our dear Reality Scratch mascot pull your existential pickles out of the jar, slice them up and serve them back to you in a tasty bite-sized sandwich of advice. Not too keen on pickles? Don't worry, Scratch isn't your mom it's up to you to clean your plate.

Scratch doesn't care about your real name and invites you to use "scratch@realityscratch.com" in the email field.



Are you a writer, artist, photographer, musician, magician or general flâneur and currently find yourself somehow ingrained into the fabric of Berlin?

Reality Scratch Issue #2 is focused on works produced over Autumn 2022 and Winter 2023. Think of it as a window on the here and now. As in right now. Words images and sounds that reflect the context and mood of Berlin's creative season over these seasons.

For writing, we're looking for personal essays, reviews, poetry and reflections on the current state of being. But there's no need to get too serious. Unless, of course, that's what you're into! And if that's not what you're into, humor pieces are very welcome! Just keep it to around 2,000 words or less.

When it comes to visuals and music, please keep in mind that we print in B&W in A5 format and assemble the audio contributions into a mix and ask that you keep the submission length to within five minutes.

Regardless of the medium, we just ask that you kindly skip the nostalgia. We don't know about you, but these days we're more interested in how the present may be able to inform the future. Swimming around an endless fishbowl of the past isn't getting us anywhere, don't you agree?

Want in? Get in touch! Let's talk about about what you're doing and see if it's a fit.

We're currently looking at accepting works for #2 until mid-March 2023.